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Location of beauty and style - the perfect place to quickly and easily freshen up. Available a full range of hairdressing and nail services.Experienced and friendly masters are waiting for you in a cozy and respectable salon.

Why our clients like us:

Talented craftsmen,
who work quickly, accurately
and always with high quality

Only professional cosmetics and materials from the best at affordable prices are used.

Cleanliness, sterility and safety are the basis without which we could not work

You will be pleased with our PRICES

Women's haircut:from 150-400 UAH

Men's haircut:from 150-250 UAH

Manicure:150 UAH

Coating gel varnish:180 -200 UAH

Nail extension (gel):800 UAH

Hair styling:from 200 - 450 UAH

Evening hairstyle:from 450 UAH

Visage:from 450 UAH - 600 UAH

Hair coloring:from 500 UAH


Our masters


Specialization: Women's haircuts, hair coloring, women's styling.

“I am inspired by the glitter in the eyes of the client after the end of the procedure, as she begins to look at herself in a new way, as the posture is straightened and a smile appears on her face! For the sake of such moments, I am constantly learning and improving to offer the best, change the condition of my hair, find home care and again see this beautiful smile in the mirror on her face. ”


Specialization: women's and men's haircuts of any complexity, hair coloring, hair styling.

Creating an image is an art. I create the beauty that brings happiness


Specialization: manicure master.

I’m sure a beautiful manicure is something without which it’s impossible to create a complete image.


Specialization: women's and men's haircuts, hair coloring, styling.

My work is the little things that even in everyday life allow women to look and feel 100%.


Friendly staff, convenient location, walking distance to the metro, market, cafes. In terms of price and quality, a good option! Tasty breakfast.

Vladimir (Ukraine)

The hotel is located near the metro. Near a lot of shops and kiosks. one small minus is located on the territory of the market. But for me it did not become a problem, because I was greeted by a very nice and friendly staff and a clean quiet hotel. Good transport interchange, near supermarkets, pharmacies, McDonalds. The rooms are clean and well maintained. Good heating, even opened the windows. The walls are thick and you do not hear the neighbors.

Ivanishkin (Ukraine)

Value for money, cafes, you can eat inexpensively, the subway is nearby.

Lyudmila (Belarus)

The room was really big. It was warm and clean. Present dishes. Pillows, blankets - in unlimited quantities. All appliances and plumbing worked correctly. Hot water was really hot. Smoking citizens were given the opportunity to go out onto the balcony from the common corridor. My conclusion - a good three with a minus. And if this assessment also corresponded to the price, then in general I would not have any complaints about the hotel. And so for the announced price I would like a little more service.

Tetiana (Ukraine)

Responsive staff. The location of the hotel is close to all traffic interchanges. Compact hotel. Clean linen and towels. Regular maid service. In principle, a good value for money. Unfortunately, the hotel itself is located on the territory of the market and in the mornings it becomes very noisy due to the shouting out of sellers. Economy class rooms are very narrow, in addition, a very uncomfortable location of outlets in the rooms.

Oleg (Ukraine)

Завжди фарбуюсь у майстра Наталії. Останнє фарбування, як кажуть знайомі дуже світле, волосся не може бути у хорошому стані після освітлення, але тон рівномірний і виглядає досить дорого, тому вона як завжди молодець ? Чекайте ще не раз ???


Хочу висловити свою подяку Салону Краси «Барбарис». Прекрасні майстра, невимушене середовище, прийнятні ціни і доброзичливість співробітників не залишать нікого байдужим, хочеться повертатися туди частіше, адже послуги надаються за допомогою високоякісних матеріалів, дуже педантично і стерильно. Спасибі салону за красу, затишок. До речі, хочу ще сказати, що дуже зручно, що в цьому ж будинку працює Кафе «Барбарис», їжу і напої можна замовляти прямо в Салон. Кухня дуже смачна і оперативна, ціни теж радують. Так що і красивими зроблять, і нагодують.


Неймовірно затишний салон! Роблю відновлення волосся тут регулярно. Майстер Христина просто фея? Всім раджу!

vlada vlada

Beauty Bar Barbaris near the metro Livoberezhna

At 100 meters from the exit of the metro is the hotel Barbaris. On the ground floor there is our beauty salon on the Left Bank. It offers clients experienced, certified professionals, professional cosmetics, a full range of beauty services. The building is located behind MacDonald’s cafe, the entrance to the courtyard between the store Roshen and the Astra dent clinic.

Hairdressing procedures

Beauty salon on the left bank will monitor the condition of your hair. Customers can count on the taste and craftsmanship of our cosmetologists and hairdressers. The beauty salon left-bank Barbaris, offers more than 20 types of procedures. We will tell about the most interesting of them.


Our salon has professional hairdressers for:

  • children;
  • men;
  • girls

Specialists regularly study the latest in fashion and offer customers stylish options that will highlight your beauty.


Our beauty salon (Kiev Left Bank) Barbaris works only with high-quality, safe hair, dyes. As part of no ammonia and other aggressive chemical elements. For coloring apply:

  • Cutrin. Natural Finnish dye from the professional segment of the beauty industry. Used in the salons of Europe and the USA. The composition includes tocotrienols, which protect the hair from burnout and moisture, make them soft and give a deep, rich shine.
  • L’Oreal INOA. This dye also belongs to the professional series, is absolutely safe and helps maintain healthy hair. Pigments act from the inside of the curl, so the coloring is as uniform as possible.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to try one of these options. You will notice the results immediately, and not only you, but also those around you.

Combination of tones

In our beauty salon on the Livoberezhna you can do:

  • coloring combining several tones;
  • highlighting with the main and additional tint;
  • Ombre, as a classic version, and alternative versions.

Masters use new, current dyeing techniques, due to which the result always exceeds your expectations. Let yourself look like a Hollywood star.


Beauty Salon (Left Bank Kiev) Barbaris will help you create a unique image for:

  • graduation;
  • secular evening;
  • romantic dinner;
  • going to the theater;
  • weddings;
  • other celebrations.

You can choose the option from the presented catalogs or trust the experience of our masters. Their knowledge, skills and impeccable taste are confirmed by diplomas and awards.

Work with hair

In salon Barbaris on the left bank of Kiev, we’re using modern equipment, which allows us to offer customers the highest level of service. With us you can:

  • Make a biowave. For the procedure used professional Italian cosmetics from the brand Green Light Mossa.
  • Align your hair with the innovative CHI system from American beauticians. The peculiarity of the procedure is that the hair becomes stronger and healthier, and the effect lasts for months.
  • Thermalization of hair with a complex from Cutrin. As a result of the procedure, the curls are restored, saturated from the inside with the necessary minerals, become stronger. Appears natural shine and unusual softness.

To learn about additional procedures of a medical and cosmetological nature, call our contact phone number and ask questions to the operator.

Cosmetic procedures

We also offer clients services in manicure, work with eyebrows and eyelashes. Instruments are regularly sterilized, all procedures are performed taking into account hygienic and sanitary standards. Let's get acquainted with the most current offers.


In our salon you can order any variant of nail coloring, including Shilak. Professional varnishes and equipment are used, due to which the result is maintained for a long time. Durable coating resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage.

Our masters will perform:

  • French manicure;
  • American manicure;
  • put drawings and stones;
  • do an art manicure.

And also they will prompt you with interesting ideas or they will realize your version.

Paraffin therapy

To restore the water balance, remove dryness, give a natural color and saturate the skin with vitamins, no need to resort to dubious solutions. The best technology in this direction remains paraffin therapy.

It is absolutely painless and very nice. Suitable for both young and aged skin. Due to the additional influx of collagen, skin folds and wrinkles are smoothed out in a natural way.

Due to the fact that the internal resources of the body are utilized, the result is saved for a long time. Regular passage of the procedure ensures that your hands and feet will be like a baby.

Nail extension

In our salon you can make both the classic nail extension and the more popular one - German. Through the use of varnish, instead of the standard forms, the following results are achieved:

  • perfect correction of the nail plate;
  • uniform glossy shine;
  • allows you to simulate any shape and length;
  • service life increases;
  • high strength of the extended nail is achieved.

This method is considered to be more benign than the use of forms, since the plate continues to receive air and water from the gel.

Eyebrow correction

If you want to change your eyebrows, try a new image or just look for yourself, our salon will help you to realize your dreams. Stylists will select the optimal shape, prompt the correct color and perform the procedure quickly, accurately and painlessly.

The shape of the eyebrows can emphasize the features of the face, highlight the individual elements and draw attention to the eyes. In combination with the correct make-up, this will allow to achieve a stunning "wow" effect. The master also glues the eyelashes.

The technology and materials used ensure maximum safety of the procedure. They are hypoallergenic, do not cause irritation. Eyes - an important element of the image and the ability to draw attention to themselves. We will take care that everything is perfect in this matter.

Our advantages

The main advantage of the salon Barbaris - a friendly team of true professionals. Employees love and live what they do. Thanks to this approach, we offer customers:

  • favorable prices;
  • high level of service;
  • individual approach;
  • excellent result.

For regular customers there is a flexible system of discounts and bonuses. There are regular promotions in the salon with the help of which you will be able to assess the quality of the procedures that you were not going to use and understand how much they will transform you.

Each master regularly attends specialized advanced training courses. This means that in their work they use only new and proven tools and technologies.

Separately, it is worth noting the fact that we use only professional cosmetic products. Among them are the world famous brands:

  • Cutrin;
  • BES;
  • Berry Well;
  • L’Oreal Professionnel;
  • SUDA;
  • Schwarzkopf;
  • Gehwol;
  • CHI.

Customers can also buy specified products for home use. This will help prolong the effect of cosmetic procedures and will help to maintain healthy skin and hair daily.

If you have any questions or already want to sign up for the procedure, call the contact number. Barbaris is considered to be one of the best beauty salons on the left bank of Kiev.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure, because to be beautiful is natural for a girl of any age. We will make sure that you can share your beauty with others.


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